Agent Configuration

iofogctl provides an AgentConfig resource for the management of Agent configuration.

An agent configuration can be retrieved using iofogctl describe agent-config <AGENT_NAME>.

An agent configuration can be deployed using iofogctl deploy -f agent-config.yaml. The following is a sample of AgentConfig yaml content:

kind: AgentConfig
  name: agent-1 # ioFog Agent name
  # All fields are optional - Only the specified fields will be updated
  name: agent-1
  description: agent running on VM
  latitude: 46.204391
  longitude: 6.143158
  agentType: auto
  dockerUrl: unix:///var/run/docker.sock
  diskLimit: 10
  diskDirectory: /var/lib/iofog-agent/
  memoryLimit: 4096
  cpuLimit: 80
  logLimit: 10
  logDirectory: /var/log/iofog-agent/
  logFileCount: 10
  statusFrequency: 10
  changeFrequency: 10
  deviceScanFrequency: 60
  bluetoothEnabled: true
  watchdogEnabled: false
  abstractedHardwareEnabled: false
  upstreamRouters: ['default-router']
  networkRouter: ''
    routerMode: edge
    messagingPort: 5672
    edgeRouterPort: 56721
    interRouterPort: 56722
  dockerPruningFrequency: 1
  logLevel: INFO
  availableDiskThreshold: 90