iofogctl Resource Management

Deploying New Edge Compute Networks

iofogctl allows you to deploy an entire ECN from a single command and YAML file.

iofogctl deploy -f ecn.yaml

iofogctl also allows you to deploy indvidiual components of an ECN using the same command but different YAML files.

iofogctl deploy -f controlplane.yaml
iofogctl deploy -f controller.yaml
iofogctl deploy -f agent.yaml
iofogctl deploy -f agentConfig.yaml
iofogctl deploy -f application.yaml

iofogctl deploy commands are designed to be idempotent. Feel free to spam these commands as much as you like - the end result will always be the same. If anything goes wrong with your deployment, run the relevant deploy commands again and you should be good to go.

Specifications of the ioFog platform YAML types can be found here.

Specifications of the ioFog application YAML types can be found here.

Delete Components of Edge Compute Networks

We can delete resources that we have deployed to free up any associated infrastructure. Deleting resources like Control Planes, Controllers and Agents will cause any corresponding daemons to be terminated on the remote hosts.

iofogctl delete controller alpaca-1
iofogctl delete agent kiwi-1
iofogctl delete application health-care-app
iofogctl delete microservice health-case-ui

To undo a deletion, we can simply re-run the corresponding deploy command for the deleted resource.

If we want to wipe an entire ECN, we can run:

iofogctl delete all

or, if we also want to delete the namespace, we can run:

iofogctl delete namespace zoo-1 --force