Catalog Item YAML Specification

iofogctl allows users to manage a Controller's list of catalog items. To learn more about catalog items, please see microservice catalog documentation.

The catalog item has a very simple definition

kind: CatalogItem
  name: my-multiplatform-microservice
  id: 0
  description: Alpine Linux
  x86: amd64/alpine:latest
  arm: arm32v6/alpine:latest
  registry: remote
  configExample: '{"key": "value"}'
Field Description
id Assigned by Controller, read only
description Human readable description of the Catalog Item
x86 x86 Docker image
arm arm32 Docker image
registry Registry to use to fetch Docker images, options: {local, remote, registryID}
configExample Json object with key-value pairs indicating example microservice configuration

Note that the configExample field is a yaml map specifying the key value pairs, but it is internally stored a stringified JSON object of these values, similarly to how configuration is sent to microservices.