Get Started with release 1.3.0

1.3.0 brings new quality of life improvements as well as a set of backend changes that extend and unify ioFog's capabilities.

What's New?

  • Improved stability of all major components
  • Improved quality of life of iofogctl and Helm with respect to platform deployment
  • Improved support for microservice deployment using iofogctl
  • Unification of ioFog Kubernetes procedures by expanding capabilities of the Operator for use with both iofogctl and Helm
  • Changes to iofogctl's YAML specification in order to, amongst other things, conform with the Kubernetes-style Object Metadata and Specification structures. See here for instructions on how to convert from 1.2.x to 1.3.x YAML.
  • Added plugin system to Controller for database clients in order to support highly available Control Plane deployments
  • Ability to view realtime deployment status of Microservices through iofogctl due to improvements to both ioFog Controller and Agent.
  • Updates to the iofog-go-sdk to provide an HTTP client for ioFog Controller's REST API.


1.2.0 - "Kubernetes For The Edge"

Get Started with release 1.2.0

This release brings a set of features for seamless integration of Kubernetes and Edge Computing. The release comes with a new command line interface for Edge Compute Network management called iofogctl and other supplementary tools, such as platform tools for cluster and infrastructure management.

What's New?


Agent (v1.2.0)
  • Send Agent's external IP to Controller
  • Bugfix: Selecting the network interface that has Controller connectivity
  • Bugfix: Use local docker images when offline
Connector (v1.2.0)
  • Limit port range to 50 ports in default configuration file
Controller (v1.2.0)
  • Return Agent's external IP for Kubelet
  • Add uptime to status endpoint
  • Bugfix: Requests not failing if with additional properties
Kubelet (v1.2.0)
  • Initial release!
Iofogctl (v1.2.0)
  • Initial release!
Helm Chart (v1.2.0)
  • Initial release!
Platform Tools (v1.2.0)
  • Initial release!

Known Issues

  • Smart Camera Docker Container sometimes hangs after start ups.
  • ioFog Agent local API for receiving ioMessages from microservices will crap out after about 700 messages
  • Controller rejects requests that have unknown properties
  • Agent gives internal IP to Controller instead of public IP when on GCP
  • Agent not using local images when no internet connection
  • "iofog-agent info" hangs when multiple network adapters and no internet connection
  • Agent won't start when no internet connection
  • Agent will not start docker containers when Internet connection is not available
  • iofog-agent info command hangs and never returns information when Internet connection not available
  • ioFog Agent will not start when GPS mode is "auto" and Internet connection is not available
  • SQLite error on controller endpoint /api/v3/signup
  • Demo scripts in develop branch fail on macos with getopt error.
  • VideoProcessing doesn't succesfully load cameraSource
  • Master branch of demo repo tests fail sometimes on Pipelines
  • ARM TCP Docker issue causing images to not spawn
  • Route creation using iofog-controller cli failed, then succeeded with no change to the cli command
  • Update Controller npm dependencies
  • Update nodejs-sdk npm dependencies
  • Concurrent Requests to Provision an Agent on Controller API fail
  • New Connector has no authentication enabled
  • Need to change "publicMode": true to "publicMode": false in example for microservice "JSON ADD File Schema"
  • Filesystem security: SecurityManager is not running after restarting iofog-agent
  • GPS Agent Tracking : when user change gps coordinates manually, the changes are not shown on the map
  • Controller: add default log folder for Windows
  • Agent tracking: data from agent is not delivered to Kibana
  • Controller: set all NPM dependencies versions to stable number
  • API: Issues with /update/delete system microservices
  • Controller Installation: Check if sqlite3 binary exists


Get Started with release 1.1.0

Agent (v1.1.0)

Features Added
  • Added support for setting and passing through environment variables in docker containers at runtime
  • Added support for overriding container CMD directives at runtime
  • Agent Docker images now build from iofog-docker-images for stability
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for deleting local images when registry was set to local
  • Fix for when multiple Agents would removes other Agent's microservices on the same node
  • Fixed for Private registries authentication
  • Stop running microservices when iofog-agent package gets uninstalled

Controller (v1.1.1)

Features Added
  • Added support for setting and passing through environment variables in docker containers at runtime (see iofog-controller CLI)
  • Added support for overriding container CMD directives at runtime (see iofog-controller CLI)
  • Added capability to return a microservice's public url when a public port is set
  • New metrics being tracked:

    • Total CPU usage
    • Available disk
    • Available memory
  • Controller Docker images now build from iofog-docker-images for stability
Bug Fixes
  • Update microservice did always get picked up by Agent
  • High CPU usage when Controller was running for couple of weeks
  • Fixed log rotation (should work infinitely now)
  • Fixed regression where Ports public directive was not honored

Connector (v1.1.0)

Features Added
  • Connector Docker images now build from iofog-docker-images for stability
Bug Fixes
  • Improved and now return correct HTTP status codes when API call fails


  • Huge refactoring and consolidation of Demo repo
  • Rather than distinct environments, Demo now builds from a single docker-compose environment which is then augmented/decorated
  • Updated and refactored docker-compose configurations to support V3 api spec
  • Optimized Dockerfiles
  • Improved overall user experience, logging and demo output
  • Re-worked tutorial workflow to simplify user experience
  • All Docker images now build from iofog-base-images for stability
  • Added support for integration testing using TestHarness during CI execution
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Agent docker depending on unstable location of Java


Our very first release.

Get Started with release 1.0.0

  • Everything of course!