In this tutorial we will use a tutorial project to set up a local ECN with a set of example Microservices.

Setup Demo Project

On Unix based systems, download our tar.gz package.

cd where/we/want/iofog-demo
curl -L -o demo.tar.gz
tar -zxvf demo.tar.gz --strip-components=1

On windows, download tutorial .zip package. Then unzip the contents into a preferred working directory.

Bootstrap the Project

To get going, all we need to do is run:

$ ./ tutorial

We can optionally verify the ioFog stack is provisioned correctly. The automated tests run a smoke test suite on the ioFog stack, testing basic operations.

$ ./

When we are finished, we can tear down the ioFog stack and all services deployed on it.

$ ./

Get To Know ioFog

With a working ioFog environment set up, we're now ready to get to know ioFog.

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