Common Header YAML Specification

The most important commands of iofogctl consume YAML files as input. A YAML file consists of one or more resources. Every resource contains a header section and a spec section. The header section contains fields common to all resources defined within the spec section.

kind: ControlPlane
  name: buffalo
  namespace: default # Optional, defaults to value specified by iofogctl namespace flag
Field Description
apiVersion ioFog YAML schema version. Currently
kind String representing what type of resource we want to deploy. The available values are ControlPlane, Controller, Connector, Agent, AgentConfig, Application and Microservice.
metadata Object containing metadata about the resource User defined, unique identifier of the resource in its namespace.
metadata.namespace Optional. Will force iofogctl to work in this specific namespace (If specified, it overwrites the -n CLI option)
spec Object containing the deployment specifications, different for each resource