Setup Your Agents

The actual 'edge' of your Edge Compute Network ('ECN') is composed of Agents. The other components (the Controllers and Connectors) can be deployed anywhere, including cloud infrastructure.

Deploy Agents on Remote Hosts

Create a template of agent.yaml like so:

echo "---
name: zebra-1
user: foo
keyfile: ~/.ssh/id_rsa" > /tmp/agent.yaml

Make sure to edit the user, host, and keyfile fields to correspond with the remote host you are deploying to.

Once you have edited the fields to your liking, go ahead an run:

iofogctl deploy agent -f /tmp/agent.yaml

Verify the Deployment

We can use the following commands to verify the Agent is up an running:

iofogctl get agents
iofogctl describe agent zebra-1

Now you are ready to start deploying Microservices to your new ECN! We explored how to do this in the Quick Start Guide. You can try deploying the same microservice on your new ECN.

To get going with your own Microservices, start by looking at the instructions on creating Microservices here.